Hello my dear readers,

Welcome to my latest blog. In this section I would like to give you a bit of background information on how Brown Sugar Bcn was born. My name is Ekow, I am originally from Ghana, born in London England and Ekow is my “Fante” name.

I am an academic Bass player and all through my life I’ve been playing with some of the best Artists in the industry, starting from Shania Twain,  passing through to Imaani from Incognito, Angie Stone, Vula Malinga of Basement Jaxx and also Jay Kay of Jamiroquai, as one of his first Bass players.

I now live in Barcelona which I think is a very welcoming and STUPENDOUS city and due to my musical background, I was craving to share my experiences with my new compatriots. Therfore, I decided to develop a team of close friends who shared my same passion and consequently organised our first party, (which I have to humbly confess to you my dear readers was a bit of a flop 🙂 !!! Fortunately, that shocking experience didn’t last long, (only about 15 people turned up, the DJ, my partners and myself included 🙂 !!!

Now after all of our “enlightenment” we are finally on track and we are very proud to offer you the best blend of Hip Hop, Funk, Soul R’nB, Reggae, Afrobeat and Dancefloor Jazz with our  Charismatic and Skilled Resident DJ, Kisa !!!

If you’ve never been to our party, we strongly advise you to change your custom !!!

Thank you very much for your attention and here is a link I would like to share with you on a gig I did several years ago with my dear friend Shania Twain.

Enjoy, and looking forward to seeing you at our next Party !!!


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DJ Kisa & Her Top Ten Tracks!!!

Hello readers, welcome to our latest blog. If you’ve been to a BrownSugar Party In Barcelona Spain, then you will know all about DJ Kisa. If you haven’t had the opportunity to hear her, then I suggest you come to one of our events and get to know the sweetness of her music selection. We caught up with Kisa to find out what her top ten Hip Hop tracks were and this is what she said:

It’s hard to give you MY top ten songs as if they were the only top ten songs so let’s call it some top ten list of songs,,, coz there’s too many to choose from: between old & new school, breaks, funk n hip hop, layback, conscious and party tunes but here’s my spontaneous first answer, although I’m pretty sure if you’d ask me again I’ll provide you ten other ones, but here’s an idea on what and why     I ‘d like to mention the following masterpieces:

Grandmaster Flash, White Lines (Don’t Do It): OLDSCHOOL DJ number one rocking this track with a reference to how hip hop started. A period in time where crack was hitting street kids in NYC. Hip hop grew as an anti-movement to getting lost into negativity and misery. Its where two turntables and a microphone got the best out of several hoods and its creativity took place: HIP HOP was born!!! An opportunity for everyone to move their asses, be someone, be positive and constructive, share, think and GROW.

Looptroop & arsonist, 4 elements: a dedication to the 4 elements: going back to the roots of hip hop: BBOYING, graffiti, mc-ing, dj-ing and the concept of BATTLE: a positive way to test you skills and learn to become better. Talking about the concept of battle and its creative & positive side. With a sample of “Champ” at the in the intro of the song. Good stuff. It’s lyrics remind me of Common’s “I used to love H.E.R.”comparing old and new school and east and west coast. A reference to the love for true hip hop, the hip hop community and the love for moving hip hop, keeping it real!

Bahamadia, 3 the hard way: produced by DJ Premier, that dj who knows how to cut the breaks and rock the crowd in a true school way with the lyrics of 3 great female MC’s in hip hop history: Bahamadia, K-Swift & Mecca.

Mc Lyte Want what I got: hardcore hip hop street poet aka super rapper MC Lyte with the strongest style to transmit that attitude and personality in a tight freestyle battle way! Always ready to show you what time it is: SKILLS.

EPMD, What ya saying: I remember enjoying this tune at another super dope concert of the real godfathers of hip hop with true live shows representing hip hop big time. Bigging up true mc’ing and dj skills. They most definitely know how to how to perform and rock the crowd in an old school way. Hip hop’s all about creativity, style innovation and sharing knowledge and skills.

Common feat Pharell, Announcement: a hip hop song made by a real hip hopartist: Common, still representing and rocking his shows LIVE with dj’s STILL playing VINYL at festivals and concerts around the world! A bright mind to teach a crowd what hip hop s all about from beef (unfortunately) to dj-ing mc-ing graffiti and breaking; taking it back to the old school. Hip hop is a way of life, a mindset. Props 2 COMMON!

Nas, I know I can: another one of those heavyweight hip hop artists representing hip hop warning the young generation about the industry:a reminder of keeping focus. To not forget what hip hop represents and what it doesn’t. I like the song more because of its lyrics than because of anything else. But I LOVE it therefore 😉

Public Enemy, Don’t believe the hype: talks about the HYPE, politics, and all the bullsh*t and lies we get confronted with constantly. It’s a song to remind us to not just be a puppet on a string, to think for ourselves, to use our brains and live up our beliefs and dreams.

Brand Nubian, Brand Nubian: brand Nubian always has the best samples going back to the fathers and mothers of hip hop: funk n soul! Big time party joint! Because a party is a party and a hip hop party is even more than just a party: time to get loose and EXPRESS yourselves! No hanging against the wall!

Kenny dope boomin in ya jeep: all time classic with some gooddancehall flavor: as some reggae ragamuffin & dancehall tunes are always very welcome at a real old  school hip hop party.


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The Best Hip Hop, Funk, R & B and Afrobeat Party in Barcelona

When I first arrived in Barcelona several years ago, I noticed that there was a serious lack of Urban music. I was very surprised because there were so many bars, clubs and restaurants. There had to be somewhere I could find some good quality Hip hop, Funk, R & B and Afrobeat music. Eventually, I found less than a handful of places that catered for my lust for urban music. Unfortunately, they were really commercial and the Dj’s were very predictable.

What do you do when You search high and low to find something that you need but you just cant find it anywhere? Easy answer. You create it yourself. and decided to team up with one of the best Dj’s in Barcelona to create “BrownSugar Party Bcn”. If you want to hear the best classic Hip Hop, Funk, R & B and Afrobeat music in style, it is now possible in Barcelona.

We are starting to develop a good reputation for parties in Barcelona and are fortunate to have a nice crowd of people coming to our events, who really appreciate quality classic Urban music.

To find out more about our future events please visit BrownSugar Party Bcn @

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